Don't sacrifice your future for a momentary pleasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you weigh?
As of August 2011 I weight 59 kilos (130 pounds) at 5'9

What was your start weight?
I originally weighed 108 kilos (238 pounds).

Do you have a eating disorder?
No. I don't have Bulimia, I do find that I binge occasionally (who doesn't) but I've never forced myself to vomit. I don't have Anorexia either as I like my healthy body weight. I also don't obsess about my weight.

Is this blog pro ana? What is the difference between pro ana and thinspiration?
I think 'pro ana' and 'thinspiration' are two different things. Thinspiration is seen on some pro ana websites, but not all thinspiration is pro ana. Thinspiration is just photos of girls that I used to motivate myself to lose weight. People need to realise I'm 60 kilos, I once weighed 108 kilos. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, depression, was always lethargic and was at risk of getting type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovaries. I made this site for girls who were like me that needed something to motivate them to lose weight. At 108 kilos I never felt like who I was in the mirror. I thought I was curvy and looked like any other 'healthy girl'. Looking at girls who are super skinny girl in fashionable clothes was the only thing that motivated me. If I didn't have them I could still be on the pathway to an early death. Why should I or the girls who are overweight or obese have to miss out because anorexia sufferers use my site in the wrong way? I didn't make the site for them and they'll always have somewhere else to go if mine wasn't there. My site is nothing like a pro ana site like this: any quotes I use are motivational and not pro ana. I never use quotes such as 'Bones define who we really are - let them show.' or 'Quod me nutrit, me destruit. (That which nourishes me destroys me.)' There are many other things out there that anorexics misuse such as diet pills, laxatives, magazines but they shouldn't be taken away from those who use them for the right reasons.

Do you have any information on any of your before-and-afters?
No. But, I do try to post a link for the ones that I do.

Why don't you post as often as you used to?
I've started a full time job this year, so any free time I have I use for exercise. But, I'm going to spend more time posting from now on :)

Where can I send you photos of myself for you to put in the blog?
To my email

How can I contact you?
By email or my Formspring:

You can't change the past but you can change the future.

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